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marzullo is live in san jose. >> reporter: that thing is food. we are at san jose community service. look at this line you can see where it starts and tents set-up. as we pan, people brought their own tents, tarps and umbrellas, desperate for these food boxes they are willing to wait in the rain, the line goes to this corner at first street, turns the corner and goes halfway down the block. they are waiting to register for the food boxes they get to sign up for two, one for thanksgiving and one for christmas. organizers this year saying the lines are not necessarily -- necessary that they are going to have enough food. clearly people aren't willing to take any chances. >> blankets and food. and a tent. >> some of them have parttime jobs where they used to have fulltime jobs, they are really struggling now assets drying up quickly. >> reporter: in addition to the food, people can sign up to get toys for the holidays. organizers have 16,000 toys to give away this year. the doors at san jose community service open at 7:30 this morning. they close at 6:00 this evening. people registering for
, 15 year boiled will be arraigned on murder charges in the san jose crime spree that included murder, robbery and shootout with police. the district attorney's office charged adonis muldrow as adult yesterday, prosecutors believe muldrow and wilbanks killed a man outside a 7-eleven two weeks ago. the two went on a crime spree that included four armed robberies and a shootout that injured a san jose police officer. >>> uc berkeley building will be opened this morning. several students barricaded themselves 4:00 yesterday afternoon they hung banners from the windows and supporters gathered in the plaza below. protesters released a statement demanding more support for minority programs before they vacated the building. police did not make any arrests. >>> stream of storms headed towards us, live doppler is going to be more important than ever this morning. >> i felt sprinkles driving in around san francisco. >> started getting consistent once i got to san francisco. >>> offshore you can see all the green. we have wind gusts at the coast half moon bay up to 26 miles an hour. winds are ra
residents of a san jose apartment complex will return today to see what is left after a fire last night left them hopeless. red cross is helping families from four units, two units destroyed by fire 8:30 last night, two other units unliveable due to water damage and lack of electric. firefighters say the flames broke out in a roof area possibly related to a fireplace. one man says he's thankful that a neighbor pounded on his door he was able to get his family and pets out safely. >> [ inaudible ] >> one fire captain was admitted to the medical center overnight for observation. >>> it is black friday the day retailers hope will put green in their pockets, first official day of the holiday shopping season likely to mean packed malls and traffic back-ups, paragon out lefts in livermore -- outlets in livermore is where we find katie marzullo. good morning i hope you left your credit cards home. >> reporter: good morning they are safely locked away in the live van. tempting though the strangest feeling here to not be alone. take a look behind us at the shoppers as they come and go. there are so m
roadwork until 11:00 this morning. westbound drive is looking good. >>> san jose police hope a reward will help entice the community to help them catch a second robber in a violent crime spree that killed an innocent bystander and injured an officer. kira klapper is at the san jose police department. >> reporter: good morning. the police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward, hoping someone can lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks together they went on a violent crime spree he's already under arrest, police are looking for his partner crime. they don't have a name or description both were said to be wearing ski masks. it began before 7:30 friday night when they robbed a little caesar's on story road, then a gas station, an hour after that a jack-in-the-box. police say the pair didn't hurt anyone until they reached the 7-eleven, where they shot and killed 22-year-old campbell resident in an attempted carjacking. police spotted the pair, the pair initiated a shootout with officers. one officer was grazed at the hip by a bullet before thened up catching wilbanks.
-- manhunt police say he partnered with 26-year-old san jose resident jonathan wilbanks arrested after the shootout with police. the pair is charged with the shooting death of rory parkpet if i ford during a carjacking attempt. -- wilbanks faces special circumstances that could make him eligible for the death penalty. >>> members of the oakland city council are hoping to beef up the city's graffiti laws, new ordinance to make violations a misdemeanor instead of infraction. they want to make parents of underaged violators liable for damages. current city code does not include any penalties against vandals. >>> 4:38. pretty cold once again not as foggy as yesterday. >> that's right. we are giving you 24 hours to prepare for the rain moving in. >>> good morning this is probably the strongest cold front we will have seen all season. it is going to come in and out quickly with a quick burst of rain, high winds, wind advisory posted by the national weather service for this system tomorrow morning. right now, we are cloudy and dry, live doppler 7 hd, this morning, picking up all the cloud cov
homeowners with mortgages they cannot afford. they have an opportunity to get help this weekend in san jose. starting at 8:00 this morning, the neighborhood assistance corporation of america, returns to the bay area with its american dream program. hundreds of counselors and bank representatives from all major lenders will be there at the san jose convention center through monday helping with free onsite home loans and free loan modifications. terry mcsweeney will have more information in 30 minutes. >>> now the aftermath of hurricane sandy. many of new york city subways began roll this morning, three days after superstorm sandy. damaged parts of the subway are running again, officials say these still won't be much service to downtown manhattan where the tunnels are still flooded in new jersey the storm damaged or destroyed nearly all the homes in wealthy enclaves. some are still stranded in hoboken. the storm killedcvr( more than 0 people and left millions without power in the eastern u.s.. katie marzullo will have an update on the east coast storm damage in the next half hour. she is gath
will have power except in the worst hit areas. >>> we are following developing news out of san jose, arson investigation underway now. family living in a home was evacuated this morning, after calling 911 to report someone tried to set the house on fire. police and firefighters arrived shortly, investigators have just determined a man living in that home caused the fire and he is now under arrest. police say mental illness may have played a role. >>> three marin county daycare workers facing involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of bay baby in their care the four-month-old died october 23rd, at magic place children's center in san rafael, the baby died of suffocation. investigators believe the bedding cut off the child's airway. the center's owner and two others were taken into custody. >>> 4:39. did you enjoy the weather yesterday? >> i did it was nice. warm, but not oppressively so. let's check in with mike. >>> very enjoyable, i hope everybody found yesterday, today going to be about the same. area of low pressure tomorrow's weather storm track to our north offshore wind going
is in custody after a pipe bomb was found in his car in san jose. the bomb squad detonated the device after the man was pulled over no one was evacuated a nearby holiday inn did warn guests to stay indoors. traffic was shutdown for a few hours. >>> the man suspected of killing a retired school teacher in hercules is scheduled to be arraigned in richmond this morning. darnell keith washington faces robbery, burglary and carjacking. police say he and his wife murdered 55-year-old susie ko at her home last month and stole her car. >>> this afternoon, one of the men accused of vandalizing a muni bus last week is scheduled for arraignment. yesterday san francisco police arrested another suspect thanks in part to social media. ama daetz has the details. >> reporter: they smashed, trashed and torched this muni bus during the giants celebration october 29th. police arrested a second suspect, 19-year-old nicholas hudson of daly city. >> this person was seen smashing out the window and vandalizing the muni bus on the 29th. >> reporter: the public helped track hudson down. >> if it wasn't through the
building. i'm alan wang, abc7 news. >>> turkeys can be dropped off at the food bank in san jose and san carlos, second harvest extended hours to make donating easier we have times on abc7news.com under see it on tv. while you are at abc7news.com, you are going to find information on our share your holiday food drive coming up december 12th. the news team will be broadcasting live from around the bay area taking donations we have the locations on our website. >> join our efforts or it is simple set up a collection bin at your own office or local club and bring it to them, greatly appreciated. >> boy scouts will be doing it in my neighborhood this weekend. >>> definitely time to start thinking about that with the weather turning cold, especially overnight. >> chilly the last couple of nights frost not likely this morning still cooler than average when you step out you will need a jacket by the afternoon i don't think you will be wearing that back home. vollmer peak towards emeryville back towards san francisco, picture not as clear as it has been haze developing, still not a spare the air
oakland, san jose, let's check out theme . mid to upper 40s santa rosa, napa, fairfield concord half moon bay and los gatos we haven't reached the coolest part of the morning that will be around 7:00. today you can see system pushed north high clouds and sun what we are going to have mid 60s around the bay noon 58 coast top out at 70 by 4:00 away from the coast mid 60s grab a coat tonight most of us in the 50s. check out the warmth saturday through monday. monday we could have record high temperatures. >>> good morning. clear roads and clear skies. light traffic south 101 through san rafael by civic center tail lights heading up the hill no problems farther south two lanes golden gate bridge with roadwork northbound due to pittsburgh picked up in 30 minutes, no delays -- due to be picked up in 30 minutes, no delays, light into san francisco, one spot now north 880 at marina big rig versus car in the right lane minor delay past the scene. roadwork into san francisco north 101 at cesar chavez due to be picked up in 20 minutes. >>> next, pointing fingers. east bay school district blaming a m
] berkeley voters have approved a measure that targets panhandlers. measure s you see -- san jose voters are saying no to measure e which would allow more card tables for the city's two casinos. in berkeley the incumbent bates winning. >> we'll have up to the minute results throughout the morning. you can get real-time results at abc7news.com. we are sending out latest results on twitter. >>> while the numbers are swarming in your head let's put temperature numbers in there too. >> i see a trend there, things going down i am >> much cooler that's the -- big story, wednesday time of change. doppler showing dry air but there's moisture trapped at lower levels we talked about that cloud that would come in, some of the fog, visibility quarter mile santa rosa, a mile half moon bay, anywhere before the surface in the hills around the bay you going to be in thick fog so be careful during the more commute here's a look at the cold front influencing our weather by pushing the sea breeze back into our neighborhoods, coldest air behind in front that is coming in tonight. today the sea breeze kicks
today in san jose believed to be involved in a violent crime spree. jonathan wilbanks was arrested last friday an officer suffered minor injuries in a shootout. wilbanks and another suspect still on the loose are suspected of killing a 22-year-old during an attempted carjacking. wilbanks is being held without bail. $20,000 reward offered for the capture of his accomplice. >>> in a few hours ken salazar will visit an oyster farm. next week he is expected to announce a decision on whether to allow the company to continue operating there. the lease which allows the company to grow and harvest oysters is set to expire the end of the minute. park service claims the farm is harming the environment and wants it closed. review in august found the park services environmental review lacked strong scientific support. >>> this morning union members are returning to work at the port of oakland following a 24 hour strike. picketers blocked trucks most of the day yesterday. the one-day strike was over stalled contract talks. last night both sides agreed to return to the negotiating table. the port say
. >> reporter: the diocese of san jose won't say why father lieu vu is stepping down one month after an incident that left parents outraged. during the school's festival fundraiser a group of parents noticed that mark gurries, registered sex offender was volunteering at the event. parents urged the father to do something the pastor was said to resist and told parents to be compassionate. >> we tried to explain we told him we are your find , we are looking out for the children, we have to. and -- it just seem ha like he should have immediately felt the same way >> reporter: the father kept referring to the letter gurries had allowing him to attend events where children would be present. the diocese released the litter but covered up who signed off on it. bishop mcgrath never authorized it. the diocese says it was not prepared by a current employee. not everyone is happy about the resignation many parents say he did good for the school. the bishop is taking immediate steps to adopt a policy in which registered sex 0 tpepbld would no longer be -- offenders would no longer be able to volunteer. >>>
have the day off. right now traffic light, highway 87 san jose couple cars headed northbound past hp pavillion. first look at bay bridge toll, light, no problems, no issues on upper deck into san francisco, drive out of antioch looking good, no problems here as you make your way towards pitburg and concord. nice drive out of the -- central valley at the limit westbound from tracy up and over the altamont pass, less than 15 minutes. >>> deadly blast levels homes in indiana. next, the big mystery police and firefighters are trying to solve. >> officials begin adding up damage from superstorm sandy, the huge financial aid new york state alone could be (kx;x;x;x;x;x$j >>> welcome back. clear from sutro tower off to the east little frost in some of our valleys rain on the way. all the details coming up. more news. >>> investigators still don't know what caused a blast in an indiana neighborhood that killed two people saturday night. the explosion was so powerful the house at the center of it, is gone as many as 30 other damaged homes may have to be demolished. damage extents for two bloc
. >>> good morning. live to san jose 87 northbound past hp pavillion traffic moving nicely, light, no delays. northbound to the bay bridge toll, first look also light, no metering lights everything flowing smoothly on incline to upper deck. drive out of antioch not bad, 4:40 in the morning less than 15 minutes to 242 and concord. out of the central valley good ride from 205 through tracy up and over altamont pass into livermore. this is police activity in fremont downtown central avenue closed between glenmore and logan avoid the area if possible. >>> new political battle brewing in the east bay. next, the war of words that has two candidates trading accusations. >>> noisey dispute on the peninsula. the vote expected today that could make one community a little quieter. >> first this morning's tech bites. >>> keeping hacking a secret. computer systems of major companies like coca-cola have been hacked in the past few years chances are you never heard about it. the companies keep such news a secret, many of the attacks originate in china. three out of four smartphones sold in the third quarte
. the pastor at st. francis and the diocese of san jose told the newspaper they had no information on the source of the letter, granting him permission to be on school property. that begs question is the letter valid? who if anyone in the church wrote that letter? those are the things that are still under investigation by the sheriff's department. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >>> a woman is alive this morning thanks to the quick thinking of her daughter who performed cpr which her parents didn't know she knew how to do. he found his wife passed out sunday afternoon he called his daughter who came running to her mother's side she only had one cpr lesson two years ago knew what to do and started doing cpr by herself until help arrived. her mother's brain did not have oxygen for 30 minutes doctors say early cpr was why it cal it not only saved her -- was critical, it saved her. >> she is here and smiling at me and tells me she loves me, i just wanted to hear her voice. >> she saved my life. i love her. >> licensee has been sleeping on a hospital room chair since her -- mom was admitted
can go church. he go to bingo but he is not allowed to be on this school. >> the archdiocese of san jose says the letter was issued two years ago and how was justified. they say the letter is not consistent with its policies. >> eric: chico university has suspended all of its fraternities and so rights. they are band from holding any functions. a student died last week after drinking too much at a party at a fraternity. about 200 of 16,000 students belong to the organizations. >> kristen: it's 4:46. an east bay family still mourning the loss of their newborn suffers a double tragedy. next the one item they want a burglar to return. more on the story you'll see only on "abc 7 news". >> eric: first a look at this morning tech bytes. >> laying odds on the small tablets. they are predicting the kendall will out sell ipad. the tablets are $130 cheaper than apple. a amazon is shipping the largest version of the kendall fire hd but now the company is short of the 8.9 inch tablet. >> a shortage is also expected with wii console when it goes on same this sunday. they say it will fly off the
out of of the south because of that we are starting out middle 50 redwood city 57 san jose as well as the coast and downtown we are looking at temperatures today to stay on the mild side this is a system coming from the pacific that will allow for temperatures to stay in the 60s. heaviest rain will be in the north and then by the late afternoon into the evening commute, it -- 63 downtown, 65 in livermore today, heaviest rain through the overnight hours, into your friday morning commute then the biggest system, latter part of the weekend with that one we are concerned about flooding perhaps in the north bay. let's look at our morning commute with sue hall. >>> good morning. so far, so good. we are at the golden gate bridge live shot crews picking up lanes and reconfiguring. roadwork on north end of the span because of those crews looks like they are wrapping up now no delays here, smooth sailing over the waldo past spencer and rodeo drive, "sig alert" in the napa area 121 at highway 128, two-lane highway blocking northbound, a driver swerved to avoid a deer and flipped his car. nort
, use your low beams when driving through and give yourself plenty of time. san jose clear, light traffic, barely able to tell highway 280 headed northbound, headlights one or two cars coming through, 17 overcrossing clear, virtually nobody on the road. looking at your traffic app, the waze app to get under the fog, a lot of our cameras are fogged in. 80 east and westbound, reporters saying foggy weather there, fog at the bay bridge. if you would like to navigate around the fog in your commute, you can do that by downloading this free on the app store. >>> 4:40. >>> next, new information about a carbon monoxide leak that sent residents in a san francisco home to the hospital. why the cause is still under investigation. >>> possible fix to a growing problem in one part of the bay area. what one group is offering owners to get one breed of dog neutered. >>> first, here's this morning's tech bites. >>> call it cyber friday for the first time online retail sales on black friday topped a billion dollars, 26% increase from last year, expected another billion and half in sales today. pad
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